12 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Here at So Green Baby, we get super excited around Halloween.  Cardboard, hot glue, paint, old shirts and sweaters can become awesome do-it-yourself costumes. Remember to plan ahead and consider the weather when making your costume.  Make it extra roomy to fit over a winter coat if your spending lots of time outside. A quickly removable costume will help out with emergency bathroom breaks or diaper changes. Remember safety first, don’t impair vision or mobility.

Here are some ideas for those of you who are starting to feel extra crafty! Click on the images to learn how the costumes were made.

1. Maleficent

MALEFICENT COSTUME Credit: cuckoo4design,com

2. Lego Block

Lego Costume Credit: wineandglue.com

3. Doctor Who’s TARDIS

Dr. Who Tardis Credit: craftster.org

4. Hot Air Balloon and Pilot

Hot Air Balloon Credit: stylemepretty.com

5. Minion

DIY Minion Costume Credit: Playing with Scissors

6. BMO

DIY BMO from Adventure Time Credit: costume-works.com

7. Ninja

No-Sew Ninja Costume Credit: pagingsupermom.com

8. Ghost

Ripped sheet ghost costume Credit: Sarah Olson

9. Lego Super Hero

Lego Man Costume Credit: cenzi/instructables.com

10. Lego Zombie

Lego Zombie Man Costume Credit: costume-works.com

11. Rocket Jet Pack

Super Sci-Fi Rocket fueled Jet Pack Credit: doodlecraftblog.com

12. Rocket Jet Pack 2

DIY rocket pack costume Credit: uproxx.com