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There are obvious and practical reasons to cloth diaper- they are eco-friendly, they save you money, they are leak proof and can hold the worst of the blowouts. But what about how your baby feels? We obsess about convenience and many practical matters when preparing for a baby, and don’t […]

Why I cloth diapered my baby

Here at So Green Baby, we get super excited around Halloween.  Cardboard, hot glue, paint, old shirts and sweaters can become awesome do-it-yourself costumes. Remember to plan ahead and consider the weather when making your costume.  Make it extra roomy to fit over a winter coat if your spending lots of […]

12 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

AppleCheeks New Prints Available! New Lake Retro and Wicked.  Just in time for Halloween.  Get ready for those Halloween photo shoots with some scary cute diapers. Looking for more Halloween diaper ideas.  Click Here.                   Cloth 101 Tabs New to cloth diapers […]

October 2015 Update