A Closer Look at Microfiber

So I had a customer who was disappointed in her microfiber inserts- they just were not absorbing anymore resulting in leaks. Google this issue and you will find a lot of hate for microfiber out there. “It’s hard to wash, it’s smelly, it loses absorbency…” etc

Chances are, you have some microfibre in your stash, some of the most awesome pockets –Sweet Pea One Size Pocket, bumGenius 4.0– and All-In-Ones like the bumGenius Freetimes and the Sweet Pea Newborn AIOs!) come with microfiber. There are some pros- microfibre is affordable, trim , fast absorbing and dries quickly after washing.

closer-look-microWith the right care, microfibre can serve you well for years. Like most issues, if you nail your washing routine, cloth diapering is easy peasy. Keep in mind that microfibre is synthetic and is the stuff that a lot of mops and dusters are made of. That means it is absorbent and attracts particles and lint. So here are some tips:

  • Wash with detergent! Sometimes we skimp to much on the detergent
  • Be cautious with rash creams, even cloth diaper safe ones. If you must, use a disposable liner
  • Hang dry to avoid lint accumulation in the dryer


That’s it, my friends! If you happen to have lifeless microfibre in your stash, especially fleece topped ones, it is possible to resurrect them. Give it a good wash and strip. I recommend the Laundry Tarts Strip It!, and be prepared to have to do multiple applications. You just need to get all the residues and particles out of there… and avoid using the dryer.

Also, if you are new to the cloth, it is worth noting that microfiber is the only fibre that should not be in direct contact with your baby’s skin. Microfibre inserts are often designed to go in a pocket, like the bumGenius one size insert. Or they have a fleece side like the AppleCheeks stay dry microterry Insert, the fleece side being the stay dry side that is in direct contact with the skin.