Green Reward Points

Green Rewards – Customer Appreciation Program


We know our customers love deals, so we wanted to figure out a way to give you a deal with every purchase you make!


What are Green Rewards?

With our Green Rewards program, you earn points with every order that you can use towards your next purchase. These points are easy to use – they can not be used in conjunction with any of our sales and sale prices!


How do I earn points?

To earn points, you must have a customer account.  Creating an account is easy!  You will be prompted to create an account at checkout, or you can create one here.  Please note that it is not mandatory to create an account at checkout, but if you want to earn points, an account is necessary.

For every dollar spent (before taxes and shipping, and after coupons), you will earn 3 points.  Each point is worth a penny, so you earn points equal to the value of three percent of your order total!  We know it’s not a huge amount, but with more purchases, this little bit can add up!  Points promotions and coupons will be ways to earn more points in the future!

You do not earn points on orders where points are redeemed.


Where are my points?

[This is a frequently asked question]

If you don’t see your points in your account, don’t be alarmed. Points are granted when the status of your order moves to completed. This is to ensure that you receive all the points that you’re entitled to, in the event that you wish to adjust your order before we ship it.

How do I know how many points I have?

You check your points balance on your account information page, or on the checkout page. The points are available as soon as the order that you earn them on goes to completed status when it is shipped.


How do I use my points?

To use your points, enter in the amount that you want to apply to your purchase on the checkout page. If your points cover your entire purchase, select the ‘Points’ payment method so that you can avoid entering any payment information.


Do my points expire?

There are no plans to expire points as long as this program is in place, and there are no plans to scrap this program (unless we’ve overlooked something really big), so your points will always be available!

Can I get cash for my points?

No.  Points alone do not have any cash value.  They can only be redeemed for discount off of purchases from

I’m missing points, my total is off, etc...

If you have any concerns, please contact us!