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AMP Hemp fitted diapers are made of two body layers of hemp fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) plus an additional layer in the wet zone making three layers of absorbency in the diaper body. An extra three-layer hemp fleece doubler is included with each diaper making a total of 6 absorbent layers of hemp fleece! Soft stretchy elastic gathers at the legs and the back for a great leak-proof fit! Hemp fleece is a nice stretchy fabric that will gently hug your baby. It’s a fantastic fabric for diapers as it’s very absorbent, durable and has antimicrobial properties. High quality resin snaps for ease of use and durability. AMP hemp fitted diapers are very trim fitting and absorbent! Available in two sizes for a great fit from birth to potty learning.

A two-part diapering system drastically reduces drying times!

Hemp grows with much less need for water and pesticides which means it’s not only better for baby but better for the environment as well! Hemp is also much more durable than cotton which means if you’re planning on diapering more than one baby hemp is a great choice!

Small fits approx 8 – 16lbs
Large fits approx 15 – 35lbs and up

Fitted Diapers 101

A fitted diaper is a tailored diaper which does not require any folding and usually has fasteners such as snaps or velcro attached. They are available in a variety of fabrics- cotton, hemp and bamboo- and in different size options. They are not waterproof, so will require a cover.

  • Tailored diaper that does not require folding
  • Not waterproof, requires a cover
  • Great for a nighttime solution


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