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Easy to wash, easy to use, comfy, absorbent and non-toxic.

Single and 3 Pack available in assorted colours and prints.  The heavy pad 3-pack contains 3 absorbent cotton pads and 1 snap-on waterproof liner.

    • soft, breathable organic cotton against the skin
    • super absorbent with a waterproof backing – no more leaks!
    • slim, trim and contoured for an amazing fit
    • comfy and non toxic – no more plasticky disposables
    • the heavy pad comes in two separate pieces for added leak protection at night
    • simple to wash with a regular load of laundry on cold or warm
  • beautifully made with attention to detail
  • Regular Flo and Panty Liners also available. Check out the Fabulous Flo Bag, it’s customized for discreet and neat storage of your Flo pads for when you are out and about!



Pre-wash your pads with detergent at least once before first-use. Rinse your pads in cold water and wring them out immediately after use. If you want to reduce staining, rub with a detergent or hand soap as you rinse. Keep in a waterproof bag (like our Fabulous Flo Bag or Mini Fab) if outside the house. Next, choose one of two methods:


This method is good if stains bother you. It requires more steps in between washes, but your pads will rinse out more easily in the wash: Soak your pads in cold water until laundry time. Change water at least once per day. We do not recommend soaking for more than two days.


This method is good if you don’t want to soak your pads. It is simpler, but can leave stains and may require more than one cycle to clean your pads: After rinsing your pads, air dry them until laundry time or store in a waterproof bag for no more than two days.


Wash by hand or machine wash your pads using regular detergent on a normal cycle in cold or warm water. If your pads have been well-rinsed, you may add them to a regular load of laundry. Avoid fabric-softener and chlorine bleach. Dry in the dryer or air dry.  You may experience staining, but this does not mean your pads are not clean.  See our FAQ below for more info about stain removal.

*Please note.  The cotton part of your pads will shrink in the wash.  This is normal and they will reach their optimal size after one wash and absorbency after ten washes.  Because they are made from organic cotton, they may twist slightly after being washed.  They will still be just as absorbent and comfortable as before.  If you are wearing fitted underwear, just flatten the pad as you pull it on and it will stay flat against your body.  The twisting may occur more with the panty liner as it is thinner than the other pads.


How do I use Fabulous Flo Pads?

For the regular pads and panty liners: Place on your underwear with the cotton side facing up.  Then, fasten the wings around the underside of your underwear and snap in place.  When it is time to change the pad, unsnap and follow the care instructions above, then replace with a fresh pad.

For the heavy pad, first snap the absorbent cotton pad to the waterproof liner, then fasten the wings around your underwear and snap in place.  When it is time to change the pad, unsnap from the waterproof barrier and follow the care instructions above.  If the waterproof barrier is still clean, simply attach a new absorbent pad and go about your day.  If the waterproof barrier is dirty, replace both it and the absorbent pad.

What are the benefits of Fabulous Flos over disposable pads?

Our reusable pads are ethically made in Canada from materials manufactured in the USA.  They don’t contain any harmful chemicals and all you get against your skin is soft, unbleached organic cotton.  Many people find the comfort of reusable pads to be superior to that of plastickly disposables. Using reusable pads is also healthy and better for the environment than disposables, which often contain harmful chemicals.  It is estimated that the average Western woman will throw away 10,000-15,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime.  By contrast, reusable menstrual pads can last for years, saving tons of waste from the landfill.  With proper washing instructions, it is really easy to use reusable pads and you will never have to run to the pharmacy again!

What about stains?

Staining from blood is one of the most difficult things to get out of fabric, but it does not mean your Flos are not clean. To help minimize staining, soak or rinse your Flos immediately after removing so blood does not coagulate and set. Use a stain buster like Femme Rock, which has enzymes to break down stains from blood.  Presoak for one hour in Femme Rock before washing if desired.

I have a heavy flow, can I use Fabulous Flo Pads?

Yes! Our Fabulous Flos are super-absorbent.  Many of our testers reported they had better absorbency and fewer leaks than some disposables, especially at night.

How often should I change my pads?

Similar to disposables – as needed.  Our pads are very absorbent, so you should not have to change them more frequently than your disposable pads.

How many Fabulous Flo Pads should I buy?

This is also up to you, depending on your budget, preference, and the heaviness of your flow.  We recommend a 3-pack of each regular, heavy and panty-liner to start, as well as a Fabulous Flo Bag to store your pads.  The heavy pads are great during the day if you have a heavy flow, and make excellent night-time pads as well.

If you have a heavier flow, you may want to purchase more regular and heavy pads and fewer panty-liners.  If you use a menstrual cup, we suggest pariing it with a couple 3-packs of our panty liners.  You can also incorporate our Fabulous Flos into your routine over the course of a couple of periods.  This will allow you to more gradually make the switch from disposables and find the combination and number of pads that works for you.

What do I do with my dirty pads?

We recommend using one of our Fabulous Flo Bags, which are specially designed for menstrual pads.  They are waterproof and have separate pockets for your new and used pads.  You can throw the bag in your purse and know that your personal items are protected and nobody will know you have menstrual pads in there!  You can also use a Mini Fab bag, or even a ziploc in a pinch.

I have sensitive skin.  Will the Fabulous Flos work for me?

Our Fabulous Flos are healthy and non-toxic, with breathable organic cotton touching your skin and preventing irration.  They are ethically made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA and are guaranteed lead, phlalate and BPA free.  Comparatively, disposables are made with lots of different chemicals and synthetic, plasticky materials.

Are Fabulous Flos good for post-partum?

Yes!  The heavy pad makes an excellent post-partum pad.  You may find you need several to carry you through the post-partum period, in which case we recommend purchasing the heavy 3-packs (containing 3 absorbent pads and 1 detachable waterproof barrier).

Can I use Fabulous Flos for incontinence?

Yes! Our Fabulous Flos are good for mild incontinence.  The absorbency you need will vary by individual.  We don’t recommend using the Fabulous Flos for heavy incontinence.



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