Double Pocket Wet Bags

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Keep your clean and dirty items separate in one bag that has two completely individual compartments. Both sections are waterproof and close with a high quality zipper.

  • Two waterproof and separate pockets in one bag. Outer pocket opens out and allows for expanded storage.
  • Convenient snap handle makes the bag easy to carry around and attach to a stroller, hook or door knob.
  • Perfect for carrying messy baby items, trips to the beach/swimming or the gym.
  • Necessity for daytime outings with cloth diapers. Functions perfectly for transporting cloth diapers to and from daycare.
  • Made with laminated 100% polyester fabric. Measures 12”x15”. Holds up to 8 diapers.


* Please do not put heavily sprayed or very wet diapers/items on the bottom of the bag. Funky Fluff Wet Bags are sewn along the bottom and very wet items may cause leaks through the stitching. If you have night time diapers or sprayed diapers, please put them on top of other not as heavily saturated items.

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