Monkey Doodlez Wipe Solution Cubes


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The Reusable Wipes Solution!

These are the fast, frugal and fuss-free way to make wipes solution for your reusable wipes for your baby! Simply dissolve one cube in 500ml (2 cups) of warm water and pour over your wipes, or bottle it and use as needed. Made with natural, gentle ingredients, they’re kind to your baby’s delicate skin and kind to the environment.

Each 10g package contain a minimum of 8 cubes which averages a 1-2 month supply or 16 cups / 4 litres of solution.
The 100 g package makes at least 25 litres of wipes solution! For even greater savings, buy in bulk The large jar will make over 50 litres of solution!

Save your jar and simply refill with our refill packs! When it’s time to discard, your jar is ready to be recycled!

Ingredients: 100% Vegetable Base Glycerine, 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Steam Distilled Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil. CONTAINS NO SURFACTANTS OR PROPYLENE GLYLCOL, SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE OR SODIUM LAURETH SULPHATE.

*For letter mail shipping of the 100g re-fill size, packaging will be removed and cubes will have to be laid out flat.


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