Super Undies Night Trainers

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Bedwetting Pants That Really Work!! Bedwetting pants can bring you peace of mind when you have a bed wetter. These waterproof bedwetting pants are specially designed to bring you maximum absorbency where you need it most. Many other bedwetting pants can take forever to dry, but these dry in just one dryer cycle!

Super Features

For Your Child…

  • Water-proof on the outside
  • Silky smooth on the inside
  • Sleek underwear appearance so your child can be a “big kid”
  • Tight but comfortable lock around the legs reduces leaks

For You…

  • Stuffable back opening to suitably bulk-up
  • Add an insert to control your own absorption

For the Environment…

  • No disposable waste heading to landfills
  • Special waterproof fabric is “eco-friendly”
  • Manufacturing process is carbon-footprint conscious

If your Super Undies do get “dirty”, shake the waste off into the toilet and pre-rinse them by themselves prior to laundering.



Use Bleach –

Bleach and detergents containing bleach may cause the waterproof laminate to break down over time.

Use fabric softeners –

Fabric softeners can cause a residue build up on the fabrics and cause them to become less absorbent, or even repell the water.

Wash with garments that have hook and loop, such as Velcro –

The hook will snag the Super Undies elastic and stretchy tabs.

Over-stuff the washer or dryer.


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