Sweet Pea One Size Bamboo

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Introducing the NEW Sweet Pea Bamboo All-in-One!

The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO is an affordable and easy to use All In One Diaper. It is trim fitting and available in adorable prints! This diaper comes with the two soakers, the first is sewn in and has a deliciously soft bamboo velour top. The second soaker is removable and snaps into the diaper, and is an absorbent three layers ( 2 bamboo fleece and 1 microfiber).

Contain everything you need to keep baby contained and comfortable:

  • Bamboo cotton and bamboo velour inside.
  • Sewn-in flap bamboo cotton topped with 1 layer of bamboo velour.
  • Adjustable rise fits babies 8-35 lbs.
  • Snap-in soaker is 1 layer of microfiber sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo cotton.
  • Absorbent quick drying. No stuffing!
  • Luxurious soft bamboo cotton interior.

Fits 8-35 lbs.


All in One (AIO) – An All-in One Diaper is the most modern Cloth diaper. It has a waterproof outer shell to prevent leaks and a built in absorbent inner core. Available in different sizes and with various feature depending on the brand.

One Size Diapers – The rise of this type of diaper can be adjusted by either snaps or elastic to fit babies from newborn to potty-learning, hence the “one-size”.

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