Sweet Pea Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefold Diaper


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Sweet Pea Cotton Prefold Diapers offer premium quality at an affordable price!

Diapering your baby with prefold a cloth diaper costs just a fraction of using disposable diapers.  The Sweet Pea Prefold’s ease of use make them a hit with busy parents.

SizeApproximate WeightStitch ColorUnwashed DimensionsPly
Newborn6-10 lbsGreen11.5 x 13 inches4x8x4
Infant8-18 lbsPurple14 x 16 inches4x8x4
Baby16-35 lbsRoyal Blue17 x 20 inches4x8x4

Please  note the above weight ranges assume you are using the prefolds fastened with a snappi. 

If you use the prefolds tri-folded into a cover, then they will fit a wider weight range:

Newborn – 6-18 pounds

Infant – 12- 26 pounds

Baby – 25 -40 pounds

Please note that weight ranges are approximate, and variations can occur with differing baby builds.

100% unbleached cotton. Made in Pakistan.


A prefold is  a rectangular piece of fabric but has more layers of fabric sewn in for more absorbency in the middle, which creates a ‘prefolded’ diaper. It is also designed to be fastened and used with a cover. Prefolds can be made of cotton, hemp or bamboo fabrics.


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