Sweet Pea Wet Bag

Price: $10.75

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Now with improved zipper.

We've been using this economical little wet bag for a while and are pleased with its ability to hold up to all sorts of mess! Great for wet diapers and wet swimsuits too!

  • Dimensions: 12 x 14 in.
  • PUL interior for easy wipe/cleanup/durability
  • Zippered with snap loop for hanging
  • Available in colours to match Sweet Pea Diapers, including prints!

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Customer reviews


Sweet Pea Wet Bag

I purchased this wet bag in the small size to put in our diaper bag for days out. My daughter currently uses BG 4.0's exclusively and we have found that when folded up, this bag comfortably holds 4-6 soiled diapers. My daughter is 5 months old and so far we haven't been out long enough on any given day for her to require more than 6 diapers :) Odours are well contained, no leaks noted, and the small handle with snap makes it easy to attach this bag externally to the diaper bag or the stroller if you wish. My only issue is that the zipper broke after only a month of use. It slipped and made it so that it didn't always zip fully. Which means I now have to carefully zip and unzip the bag. It still works fine, I just have to pay attention to the zipper. This was likely a result of operator error (It happened the first time my mom had to change her while we were out - she may have yanked it too hard). Overall a great simple little bag for a good price.


Thanks for the review! I just wanted to make a note that Sweet Pea Diapers have wonderful customer service and do stand by their product. They have redesigned the zipper earlier this year and it works great!