Why I cloth diapered my baby

There are obvious and practical reasons to cloth diaper- they are eco-friendly, they save you money, they are leak proof and can hold the worst of the blowouts. But what about how your baby feels?

We obsess about convenience and many practical matters when preparing for a baby, and don’t get me wrong…. that is important! Mommy and Daddy sanity make a happy home!

Babies are wonderful and it’s wonderful having this person in your life, for whom everything is new! I was delighted to witness my daughter’s first… everything! Every sensation is something new and potentially amazing. But that goes for the bad stuff too and it’s made so frustrating because of our baby’s inability to communicate what’s bothering them.

Teething, over tiredness, growth spurting, hungry… but do I really know why she’s fussing? All we can do in our prepetual state of worry, is do our best to make our little ones as comfortable as we can.

I think to myself, “Do I choose to wear plastic / paper, disposable underwear everyday? It’s pretty sensitive down there, would I want a chemically treated underwear that turns my pee into gel, and then sit in it?” So I put my put my baby in the closest thing to a pair of underwear AND change her when when she needs changing.

Cloth diapering is a simple, practical and comfortable solution to pooh and pee management.